The all-in-one

Work Progress Tracking Tool

Imprezzio Marketing, a certified Google Partner, is a subsidiary of DaRK Capital Inc. that currently serves over 1,300 insurance agents and other professionals across the US and Canada. They have deep domain expertise in SEO optimization and their ROI-building services include Google Places management, Google AdWords, pay-per-click advertising programs and other Internet marketing services.


Imprezzio Marketing’s product sales, supervisors and support team had to rely on multiple tools to review client accounts that required repetitive data entry into the respective applications, leading to increased opportunity for data entry error and wasted time on duplicate entry work. They had no tool to keep track of the various products for different clients and to monitor the tasks that they had to carry out on a regular basis. As a result, Imprezzio Marketing experienced serious difficulties with obtaining visibility into their day-to-day business operations and gaining insights into how their marketing services could be improved and optimized.

“I enjoyed working with Imprezzio Global on the internal tool they created for our company to use to help track the work we do on clients. They were able to customize the tool to meet our company’s goals and KPIs. I enjoyed the bi-weekly calls we had where we reviewed all the changes they had made before they put them live – this level of communication made it easier to make sure the tasks were done on time and to the expectations we had. Imprezzio Global is definitely a group of very hard-working, talented and educated individuals. ”– Joy Hawkins, Digital Advertising Product Director at Imprezzio Marketing.


Imprezzio Global devised a system capable of tracking the tasks carried out for each Marketing client. The system is also capable of streamlining the client-marketing employee relationship, offering real-time and accurate information about each client’s pending tasks. Marketing technicians are now able to see the activities they carry out for their clients, while having a clear overview on what tasks are the most important and next in the pipe.
As the marketing team was growing significantly and they were diversifying their products quickly, Imprezzio Marketing needed an all-in-one tool that would allow for the single entry of data, keeping track of all their activity, managing their products/services and monitoring the employees’ activity in order to define and prioritize key performance indicators.
In order to increase efficiency and centralize customer account information, AdTools enables integration of client management applications with the existing CRM platform, allowing all three marketing support departments and supervisors to maintain and record information about Imprezzio Marketing’s clients, using single sign-on (SSO). Moreover, the all-in-one solution provides scalability and client data integrity, which are essential to meet the growing needs of all three marketing support departments, and it ultimately enables the Sales team to be more efficient.

“First we analyzed the processes that Marketing used to manage their products. We identified the information that they needed to track and the format that was most convenient to them. We needed a tool to centralize all information, while generating the smallest overhead possible for the Marketing employees. After validating our understanding of their processes, we received their requirements based on which the solution was implemented”– Norbert Szappanos, Senior Developer at Imprezzio Global.

“Given the variety of products that Imprezzio Marketing was offering, we implemented a modular system into which new types of products/services can be easily integrated. The abstract workflow, based on which we implemented the AdTools system, was proven to work efficiently for the various new products that they introduced since the first release of the product”– Norbert Szappanos, Senior Developer at Imprezzio Global.

“We put together a large BRD and Imprezzio Global was able to deliver a tool that fit our needs. They have continued to customize it and make it fit our needs. Since our services constantly change as Google constantly changes, it is great to have a team who can customize the tool to make it fit our current needs”– Joy Hawkins, Digital Advertising Product Director at Imprezzio Marketing.

The first implementation took about 4 months. We released the first version of the product and, given the huge success and impact it had, we started adding new features. We’ve been developing the tool for 1.5 years now, continuously adding new features and fine-tuning existing parts.

By using the AdTools solution, Imprezzio Marketin was able to organize their activities way better. They are now able to keep track of all their activities, even with a team twice as big as they had before. The operational costs of the company decreased significantly and their efficiency exploded, which is partly due to the fact that they now have a tool to keep track of every activity, generate clear reports, assign work, analyze employee performance and monitor everything better. Overall, the tool made it possible for them to organize themselves better.
They were satisfied with the product, and the results of using it are clearly visible. They are more organized and they have a very clear understanding about the tasks/activities they perform. They are able to manage their specialized teams (adwords, directories, maps) and managers have a clear overview about each employee’s performance.

“We have benefited by becoming more organized and streamlined. We are now able to support our products with efficiency and to a model that is scalable with our constant sales growth. AddTools solved our problem by giving us a tool we could utilize and have the ability to customize to our constant growing/changing needs”– Joy Hawkins, Digital Advertising Product Director at Imprezzio Marketing.