Online dating

more acceptable than ever before


My Mate Your Date is a young start-up company that had a brilliant idea: use social media to improve the experience of online dating. The purpose of the business is to turn online dating into a trusted, fun and safe experience by connecting users to singles who are already friends with their friends.

Business Challenge:

Dating is one of the most competitive industries that exists globally and our customers already were in the online dating business. The dating website, has been live since September 2014. It is based on an innovative concept: it uses a very modern social media tool, but goes back to the traditional method of introducing friends to friends.

Since the website was already up and running, the next step was to go mobile. The customer needed a mobile version – Android and iOS – of the existing website. That is when Imprezzio Global stepped into the picture.

Delivered Solution:

We began with an analysis of their requirements and gave them our estimations. Once we settled on a plan, our developers started building the Android app. We decided that the best approach would be not to develop the two apps simultaneously and started with Android. The iOS app development started two weeks later, so that all the features were already clear and operable. Any ambiguity was clarified during the Android app development and this way, the iOS app was developed within a shorter period of time.

We used the following technologies:

  • For Android: Android Studio and Android SDK for development
  • For iOS: Xcode and Objective-C
  • Tools like Crashlytics/Fabric for identifying and reporting application crashes
  • Crashlytics Beta and TestFlight for distributing application builds to testers/beta testers
  • AWS SNS integration for Push Notifications
  • Google Analytics for measuring user interactions with the application
  • Facebook for authentication, user profile and pictures
  • Google Play Services for GPS coordinates
  • Other libraries for networking, image downloading and caching, material design and other custom components.

Success Story

My Mate Your Date is very satisfied with our collaboration, with the speed and quality of our development. We are all looking forward for the mobile apps to go live in March of this year.

Onboarding screen

Profile screen


" I’d like to extend a big thank you to your team for exceeding our expectations in delivering high quality builds of our mobile apps. We definitely couldn’t have done this without your energy, determination and passion for technology. I’m really looking forward to working with you all in the future! "

Jared Mooring - CTO at My Mate Your Date