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myBizHound is the place to be for all US insurance agents!

Imprezzio Marketing had the idea to offer an optimized online platform for listing insurance agents. Imprezzio Global came with the solution.


Imprezzio Marketing is a certified Google AdWords partner with deep domain expertise in SEO. Their services include Google Places management, Google AdWords, local SEO programs and consulting, citation-building, pay-per-click advertising and Insurance Marketing.

Business Challenge:

Our idea was to create a directory, similar to Yellow Pages, which would contain only insurance agents from all across the United States. The challenge was to have a good ranking on Google, as most directories usually don’t rank so well, and to provide broad functionality and integration with all the required third party tools.

Delivered Solution:

The dedicated team at Imprezzio Global started a wide area of research to find the perfect design for best performance. Always keeping the needs of our client in mind, we identified the features that could bring the most business value to the client. We also explored the possible performance and scalability issues, given the huge amount of data that had to be created/manipulated.

The solution was to build a platform capable of managing any kind of directory and then populate it with insurance-specific data. In order to promote the information appropriately, we used a series of SEO best practices while offering the possibility for the users to tune the SEO settings themselves for the pages. We also implemented a custom CMS so that they can manage the individual agent profiles on-screen. The solution made it possible to manage the whole content of the site (and metadata) without the help of a programmer, just using the admin interface.

Following this meticulous planning and analysis, we created the myBizHound platform, ensuring that SEO optimization will guarantee the best possible Google ranking.

myBizHound is an online advertising platform, specifically a directory of United States auto insurance agents categorized by city and state. The directory is basically an organic search engine page result where customers can use the site search functionality to find an agent in their city or state.
A central goal of the website was to obtain optimal organic search engine result placements by agent city, allowing Imprezzio Marketing to sell directory advertisements and offer free listings to insurance agents.
The Online Business Directory has allowed Imprezzio Marketing to increase revenues, by selling advertising space to insurance agents and other Internet advertisers.

“Our client received the desired product and was completely satisfied with the results. The SEO friendly coding made it possible for them to implement their SEO tactics in such a manner that the site ranked very well on Google even after the first week of live operations. The site was also very well received by the agents. The custom CMS features made it very easy for the users to manage the profiles and even fine-tune the SEO settings.” – Norbert Szappanos, Lead Developer


We implemented the project in various phases, as the client needed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to launch and validate the business concept, as well as to receive market acceptance. Thus, we identified the most critical parts of the system and the most important functionalities. These were implemented in the first phase of the project, which lasted for about 3 months. The team worked based on the original project plan, while frequently discussing with the client and implementing the changes they requested. Given the initial success of the project, we started the 2nd phase shortly after the 1st one. We implemented additional features so that the clients now have even more control over the content of the site and better analytics/reports.