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Imprezzio Inc. has been creating business software solutions for over fifteen years. Their domain expertise and enterprise experience stands as proof of Imprezzio’s capabilities to increase their customers’ business productivity through technology.

Business Challenge:

In the Social Network era, Imprezzio Inc. came up with a revolutionary solution to help business owners and individuals monitor the usage of their workstations. The idea was to develop a “watcher” tool to track workstation events and all online activity, and a powerful reporting application with the purpose of increasing overall business productivity.

When the time came to turn this idea into a working product, Imprezzio Inc. worked with Imprezzio Global to build the application: Netective.


We started building a product that is easy to install, user-friendly and highly efficient.

The core of the application is a process that runs in the background and logs all login/logout events, internet activity and sites visited. The data collected by this process is centralized and shown in the reporting web application.

The worker process runs in the background, silently, without affecting the user’s work and the data is further centralized in a comprehensive manner.Both the background process and admin application were developed using Microsoft technologies:

  • The web application for reporting uses Microsoft .Net Framework, Microsoft ASP. MVC and JQuery and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • The workers are using Microsoft .Net Framework and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • The client application uses Microsoft .Net Framework and Microsoft Windows API
  • The Web API services, which are used by the client to upload log files, are using Microsoft .Net Framework, Microsoft ASP. MVC, JQuery and Microsoft SQL Server.


Implementation was done through constant communication and cooperation with our customer. We delivered regular updates and improvements, used the latest available technologies and concentrated all our efforts towards ensuring our client’s success.

Our team works closely with the Imprezzio Inc. team, offering services from project management, to application development and testing.

Success Story:

Netective has become a highly appreciated tool among its users. Many business owners have benefited from the information gathered through Netective and have improved the productivity of their staff. Netective is currently used by over 2000 organizations.

Once installed on a computer, Netective generates accurate reports allowing business owners and managers to see how much time their employees spend on the internet, what sites they visit and the number of times they actually click on a site. Netective reports display graphics that make the breakdown of site visits for each employee easy to review and understand.

By installing Netective on office workstations, administrator users are able to identify activities that are both praiseworthy, as well as undesirable, helping them to make assertive decisions to increase staff productivity.