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Interactive Performance Solutions is a cloud software solutions provider with clients ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies.

IPS was founded at the crossroads of business efficiency and practical vision in 2010 by Eric Whitelaw and Dave Taylor. With Eric’s technical and entrepreneurial background, and Dave’s expertise in the insurance industry, the two made an ambitious plan for developing a performance management application to radically improve the performance of insurance agencies nationwide. It all started with a conversation between them, about sales. Eric posed Dave a simple question: “As a sales manager can you prescribe a realistic activity plan that would guarantee a new sales person’s success?” To which Dave answered: “Absolutely, if I had a system that could ensure they’d follow through on activity.” Eric replied: “Let’s build it!” and Interactive Performance Solutions was born.

The solution IPS offered was PODs and it took the sales industry by storm. In 2013 IPS began development and rollout of enhanced versions of PODs for several new vertical markets such as real estate, direct sales, non-profit and more.

PODs is a simple performance management application, which enables teams to plan, track and monitor their activities.

Business Challenge:

The need for a tool to help sales people consistently track – and perform – activity was clear, but the tool did not exist.

Every tool on the market was either too complex or too simple – none addressed what seemed fundamental to Dave and Eric. They didn’t deal with the sales reality that income is the result of sales which is the result of activities; that to the sales person income and activity are connected.

So, Eric turned to Dave and asked another question: “If activity tracking software existed that tied activity to income and allowed you to track your own, your agents’, and your employees’ activities to income – what would that be worth to you? Would you pay to use it?” And Dave answered: “Quite a lot – it would simplify my life enormously and help my agents even more – yes!”, and PODs was born.

Approaching the project with substantial respect for what they did and did not know, they quickly brought on board the team members they would need to see the vision to reality. They then began the process of crafting the tool from an idea, building as efficient and as user-friendly a tool as possible. After all, they thought, this needs to be an ally to the sales person, not a burden. Which is how the PODs concept came into being – at the crossroads of practical sales know-how and a vision for accomplishment.

However, they needed a technical team to turn their vision into reality, and to do it at a low cost, without sacrificing quality and user experience. Especially, since they also wanted to roll out a non-profit version of PODs.

Delivered Solution:

IPS started their collaboration with Imprezzio Global in September of 2013. The non-profit version of PODs went live soon after, and IPS found in us a reliable partner, to work fast, live up to their level of quality and keep within their “fixed budget”.

We receive their requests on a monthly basis, prioritize them together and decide on the best solution. We also offer support, test new features and make sure to provide the technical environment to make their vision an absolute success.

Our collaboration is still ongoing, and we aim to keep delivering excellence to IPS, as they do to their customers.


This project was done in Ruby on Rails. It was a new technology for Imprezzio Global, however we assigned two dedicated developers who in no time were already making a difference for our client.

The product was initially for the insurance industry only, but soon after starting to work together, PODs became highly appreciated in direct sales and non-profit.

Success Story:

PODs started out as a vision of two people, experts in their domain, who understood the need to revolutionize the sales industry. They came up with a solution that would help organize sales activities and manage resources in a more productive way than ever before: a solution for sales opportunities through a cloud-based software product called PODs.

PODs’ intuitive interface manages activities while providing real-time accountability and insightful reporting across all mobile, laptop, and desktop devices. It is a convenient online tool that makes it easy to set goals, assign key activities, track progress, manage results and overall improve performance.

Initially, PODs was a system designed exclusively for the insurance industry. Now, multiple industries trust PODs for their performance management solution.

Together with Imprezzio Global, IPS has succeeded in establishing its flagship product PODs as the industry standard “shovel that feeds the funnel”.