User powered advertising

for the new economy


Samba Communications Ltd. was founded in September 2009 and is one of the first companies in the world to offer advertiser-funded mobile broadband (3G internet) to customers, free of charge. As such, the company needed to combine web, telecoms and advertising technologies into a single proposition, resulting in a significant process of Research & Development to prove the concept, building the product and integrating the various partners, suppliers and platforms. Samba launched nationwide in the UK in May 2012.

The Samba video engagement network is an aggregation of discrete innovations, which come together to make an advertising video distribution hyper-network – to the best of our knowledge the first in the world, and therefore unique.

Given the success of their business model and the high conversion ratio, Samba started a new business called Samba Networks. Now, they provide in-app advertising for mobile companies. They use the same user-select-model, which they fine-tuned with post-play actions to encourage user engagement.

Samba Networks is now integrated with top telecom applications, like UppTalk and TextMe. They not only serve the UK market now, but other countries, as well.

Business Challenge

Samba needed a partner to make their product a success. Their business model and final product is one that requires constant technical support and fine-tuning to ensure the high conversion ratio and user engagement. This means that changes in their application are quite frequent and every new idea has to be validated from the business and technical point of view. They constantly need new features and they need them fast so that they can keep their competitive advantage on the market.

That is why they needed a reliable partner, with a strong technical background and innovative ideas.

Delivered Solution

We needed to make sure that our solutions would guarantee long-term success for our client and would live up to their unique business idea. We started with the “User-Select-Model”, which Samba suggested with the purpose of generating higher conversion rates. They were right and the business started to grow rapidly. The value proposition was simple: users watched online ads and would get internet traffic (MB) for their phone/tablet for free. Also, this approach would help advertising partners to get their adverts seen by people who are interested. Imprezzio Global proposed a daring solution: we prepared a challenging agenda, with short release cycles and frequent updates. Also, staying connected with 3rd party applications was a key factor for success, thus we had to integrate various 3rd party APIs into the application and coordinate how these worked together. Managing 10+ integrations in a single project was one of the biggest challenges, but carefully handling each aspect and being fully committed to delivering excellence and innovation, is what made our solution a resounding success.


In order to make Samba a success, we work side-by-side with our client to this day: they control the business end and we handle the technical challenges. Each time they have a potential new partner, or new feature to be implemented, they consult us for technical advice. We make an analysis on how we can measure the success of the new idea/integration, how the new features will impact the product, what will the challenges be and then plan implementation. We also represent Samba in technical discussions with 3rd parties.
After we implement and test any new feature, we then deploy it into the production environment and make sure that Samba executives have the means to monitor the metrics.

Success Story

Samba gives you independence. No more searching for that elusive Wi-Fi connection! With Samba, users are totally mobile with their tablets or laptops. And it’s free! Users earn free mobile data network by watching high quality video ads. It’s a value exchange. And most importantly, users love Samba because they are in charge. They earn as much, or as little data as they want.
Samba became an absolute hit. The combination of a unique business idea and a professional technical team to back it all up, could not have resulted in anything less but overall success. The level of service they provide makes them premium partners with one of the largest online advertising companies in the UK.
We continue to grow this business together, using the same form of cooperation: Samba offers the business solutions and the ideas, while we offer technical consulting and advice, architecture, development, testing and support.

" My experience with Imprezzio Global has been nothing short of fantastic. They delivered our product within budget and on time. With their flexibility and creativity, they exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Imprezzio Global to anyone looking for a cost-effective custom software solution for their business. "

Jason Jack, CTO, Samba Mobile