The Cross-Platform Mobile App

on Rigging Solutions

SlingMax®, the worldwide Rigging Expert that designed the Twin-Path® slings used to lift the final spire atop the One World Trade Center building in NY City, approached Imprezzio Global to help design and create a user-friendly and easily accessible mobile app.


“We were missing out on business opportunities because our products were traditionally showcased on our website and through old-fashioned paper handbooks. We needed to develop a cross-platform mobile app to better serve our customers, which should also be easily accessible offline, enabling users to view and manipulate real-time rigging data, right on the spot”.


By means of an Agile approach, Imprezzio Global successfully designed and developed the SlingMax® App for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile platforms, using the cost-effective and high-performance Adobe PhoneGap technology.
Specialized in fabricating the most advanced rigging solutions on the global market, SLINGMAX® needed to grow their existing web-based online presence, by developing a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, to offer their end users an easier way to access complex product information.

Throughout the development cycle, in order to meet customer needs and also accommodate evolving changes in the requirements, an Agile approach was used, enabling permanent visibility into the project status at any point in time, and continuous customer feedback integration. In this manner, no room for guesswork was left and any problems or shortcomings that may have occurred along the way, were carefully identified and solved in a timely manner.
With the close and continuous involvement of the customer, a cross-functional team of Imprezzio Global highly skilled professionals, including a PM, a designer, two developers and one tester worked together at every decision-making stage of the development process, from requirement analysis and prioritization, to reliable coding, user-friendly designing, accurate testing and repeated review sessions of the first mobile app version, until its final implementation across the other platforms was complete.

“The first challenge we faced, was linked to the decision on choosing the best way to display the data. The design team anticipated our needs and always came up with creative ideas.”

In order to ensure that all functional requirements are met while the overall cost is kept at a minimum, Imprezzio Global decided to develop the mobile app using the Adobe PhoneGap technology, which streamlined the deployment of the application on multiple mobile platforms. “After the last minor changes were implemented, we quickly validated the final version of the application, which was seamlessly uploaded to the main app stores”.

The SlingMax® App is available to download for free in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

“We have been using the app ever since and we continue to rely on Imprezzio Global’s post implementation hands-on support, ensuring that minor revisions are carried out in a timely manner, to adjust our evolving product data”.

“Imprezzio Global’s cross-platform mobile app solution enables us to achieve increased data accuracy through real-time user visibility on displayed data, rapid roll-out of changes due to the app’s flexibility and customer service improvement. Among the long-term benefits that our product end users can experience from, an increased safety degree, ensured by using the easily accessible mobile app, is worth mentioning. Moreover, the SlingMax® App offers a selling advantage to our commercial team, creating up-sell opportunities and setting our business apart from the competition”.