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VENNCOMM is a UK based company with a singular objective: to deliver global communication without boundaries. They aim at offering scalable international conferencing for mobile devices. Their main, but not only focus is on the business sector, where their application, BLAP, is used as a conferencing tool.

The BLAP mobile app enables users to instantly create and manage groups that are then stored as a single contact in the smartphone. Call participants can be anywhere in the world and when dialed, all their phones will ring at once for an instant conference.

BLAP sets itself apart from other somewhat similar apps, by giving the user freedom to create instant conference calls, create and manage groups, reuse participant lists, schedule calls to multiple participants or a BLAP group, create calendar invites, manage call history and recordings and so much more.

Business Challenge

When Imprezzio Global met Venncomm, they were at a turning point with their mobile application: an initial prototype was developed to validate the concept, but they were struggling with scalability issues. Another concern was integrating other 3rd party tools into their system in order to be able to offer a fully featured product and to eventually reduce their internal costs.

That is how Venncomm’s relationship with Imprezzio Global started.

Delivered Solution

Analyzing their existing system, we started to plan our approach. We needed to thoroughly understand their business model and establish what the shortcomings of the existing implementations were. Next, we compared our conclusions with their actual business goals, analyzed their requirements and opened a line of communication to ensure that we were always on the same page with our client. After understanding their exact needs, we conducted a research phase in order to identify the best tools in terms of scalability and the best 3rd party vendors for various components of the system. We had to consider not only security and scalability, but maintainability, reliability and cost effectiveness, as well.


After we identified the tools, technologies and vendors, we prepared the system architecture, which was then reviewed by the Venncomm CTO. Upon approval, we started the implementation of their system using an Agile methodology. We did not only offer software development, but other IT services, as well: server management, consultancy, and analysis, we even prepared an audit report for their investors. To accomplish all this, we involved our team of specialists: business analyst, project manager, developers, manual and automated testers and designers. We adopted an Agile methodology since the requirements were very dynamic and we also had a very strict deadline. The project was implemented over the course of several sprints.

Success Story

The feedback from our customer was the confirmation of our success. The system is now way more cost effective and the management portal more usable. They especially appreciated the fact that their administrative interface is now a powerful sales tool, not only a management portal. The scalable, reliable and secure system was a benefit very much appreciated by the Venncomm CTO.

Onboarding screen

Call screen

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" The speed and communication clarity were a huge improvement over our previous off shore development resource while the depth of knowledge, commercial flexibility and partner-like collaboration were fantastic. No hesitation recommending these guys for any UK based company depending on a kick-ass entrepreneurial development team. "

Lee C. Stonehouse - Founder|CEO VENNCOMM