Agile Training – Done!

The last three days we have been busy with learning the secrets of agility. This was a logical next step in order to keep our promise and continue improving ourselves. Agility has become a euphemism for delivering excellent results, being successful and, most of all, having happy and satisfied customers. Exactly what we want!

The training was held by trainer Florian Ivan form Rolf Consulting. Florian has 15 years of experience in the software industry, several (many!) certifications in project management and methodologies, and exceptional training skills, if you ask us.

We learned all about Agile values and methodologies, how to use them and what their benefits are. We also had dynamic discussions, a handful of revelations and quite a few laughs. And this training was just the beginning. We are anxious to start building on our new knowledge and skills, turning every project into a success story.