“The Assault of the Dacians” – the competition where Sports, History and Technology meet!

We continue our endeavor to leverage our high-level business performance in a healthy and active manner, by successfully addressing a new and extreme challenge: “The Assault of the Dacians”.

The first edition of this endurance obstacle course race was held last Sunday, at Gârbăului Valley, in the county of Cluj. The competition gathered 80 enthusiastic participants at the starting line and aimed to revive the heroic world of our mighty and brave ancestors, the Dacians, and to encourage the return to nature, by breaking out of the comfort zone.

“The Assault of the Dacians” is a sportive competition, open to all those who want to start an adventure that will test their physical and mental limits; it is an encounter with nature, a revival of the heroic times when Geto-Dacians were recognized as strong and brave warriors. Overall, the event offered a wide range of challenging and competitive situations, requiring teamwork, intelligence, will, courage and … fun!

The three-kilometer route (multiplied by four, in case of the twelve-kilometer long route) was located in the former military aiming field of Gârbăului Valley, where the contestants encountered unexpected obstacles which included: a creek, tube tunnels, a mud ditch, a curtain, tires, fences, a beam, straw bales, an escalation wall, a water tank and lots of mud.

Endurance obstacle course race
Endurance obstacle course race

Imprezzio Global could not miss the opportunity of pushing beyond their limits and accepted the “The Assault of the Dacians” challenge. The inner strength, self-confidence, courage, and the huge sense of teamwork helped our team win the 2nd place in the male relay race of the endurance obstacle course. Besides the relay race team, we were honored to be represented by 4 individual contestants, who raced on their own, in the male and female “Burebista” & “Decebal” races.

Relay Race Team

This event is part of an entire series of sporting campaigns that Imprezzio Global actively supports, under the aegis of “Cluj is Cycling”. As an IT Partner of the event, we designed the website – www.asaltuldacilor.ro – and we provided the timing system for the competition.

By taking part at “The Assault of the Dacians”, Imprezzio Global proudly pays tribute to the bold initiative of keeping the spirit of the Dacians alive and of promoting our ancestral heritage of bravery, wisdom and dignity, the timeless values that our company highly cherishes in all the endeavors we undertake as IT professionals, as workmates, and most important, as friends.