1. When was Imprezzio Global founded?
Imprezzio Global is a subsidiary founded in 2008 by our parent company, U.S.-based Imprezzio, Inc. Since the Internet revolution of the 1990s, Imprezzio has continued extracting the best of ever-changing technologies and platforms to remarkable solutions. Imprezzio Global uses the wealth of our combined knowledge and experience to benefit your company.
2. Why the name Imprezzio Global?
Similar to the Italian word for “enterprise”, Imprezzio stands for a tank of creative and innovative ideas, plus the smart, strategic initiatives that have helped us advance in the software solution market, using cutting-edge technology as our engine. Global means that we now provide consulting services to companies around the world.
3. What products and services does Imprezzio Global offer?
Imprezzio is a software solution provider specialized in Cloud Based Solutions, Mobile Applications, Website Design, e-Commerce, Embedded Hardware Solutions and Legacy Systems Integration. We can create great custom software and hardware solutions that best fit your needs and exceed your expectations. We’ve worked so far with companies of all sizes ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.
4. Will my Intellectual Property be safe?
Yes. Our Romanian office meets all our U.S.A. security standards. We employ only full-time staff who are extremely conscientious and do not moonlight except under rare circumstances approved by our CEO. Our employment contracts fully cover intellectual property protection and include a confidentiality agreement. We have very strict security standards. Our Development Center is equipped with modern physical and network security systems. Access is controlled and monitored 24/7. We perform extensive background checks on all our employees prior to hiring, and annually thereafter. We control access to our customers’ intellectual property by isolating systems and restricting employee access on multiple levels. In addition, we comply with special internal security standards required by our enterprise customers.
5. I’m a U.S. client. will I work directly with overseas staff?
When you hire Imprezzio Global, part of the Imprezzio, Inc. chain, you will work exclusively with a local manager in your country. If needed, you can also contact our overseas team members via telephone, instant messaging, email or video conference. Our international team members are fluent English speakers and are experienced in working with a large range of requirements, customers, geographical areas and time zones. They are proactive, creative and fast. Imprezzio Global can find the right solutions for you.
6. Is Romania a recommended place for outsourcing?
Yes. Romanians are known to be hard-working and cost-effective outsourcers. A New Silicon Valley: The “cyber-city” of Cluj-Napoca, Romania has been acknowledged by KPMG (a Big Four auditor) as one of the world’s top new IT outsourcing destinations. In fact, over the past 20 years, Cluj-Napoca has quickly grown into an Eastern European Silicon Valley boasting 245+ IT&C companies. High language proficiency: ours is a Latin-descendant language, meaning that it may be easier for us to acquire superior skills in French, Italian, and Spanish than outsourcers in other countries, and English is by far the most common foreign language taught in Romania (Romanian student teams held First Place in a Certificate of Proficiency in English exam at Cambridge University, according to a 2003 Pierre Audoin Consulting report.) Large Pool of Qualified Applicants: Cluj-Napoca produces 62,000 students annually; 12,000 from our technical university. These young professionals have solid skills in math, science, and information technology and 90% have a high proficiency in English. Romanian student teams won first place at the International Olympiad of Informatics in 2003 and third place at the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2005. Massive Infrastructure: Cluj-Napoca has 100,000 square meters of office space and a network of 64,000 km of optical fiber.
7. Does your company in Romania work with employees or with freelancers?
Every staff member is a full-time employee. 
8. What is your team’s level of experience?
Our team is comprised of skilled professionals ranging from very experienced project managers and software architects to junior developers. Our selection progress is rigorous and includes a meticulous training program. We select some future employees through the annual Imprezzio Software Contest, which we organize in collaboration with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. We train these students during summer internships. We encourage and support our employees to obtain certifications and finish their advanced studies. Most of our developers have a Master’s degree.
9. We are concerned about support. How do you handle this issue?
Support is one of our strong points, illustrating our confidence in our work. You can choose to include support services in the initial contract or take advantage of them on an as-needed basis.
10. We like the idea, but are unsure. Can we run a Pilot Project?
Imprezzio Global welcomes you to try out our services by running a pilot. We believe that after a demonstration of our abilities, you will have more confidence to continue the relationship. We invest the same time and energy in pilot projects as in every other project. Our customers usually find our pilots so satisfactory that they ask us to use them as cornerstones on which to build future applications.
11. What degree of control will we have over the project?
You will retain tight control. Our assigned Project Manager will be your main point-of-contact for resolving all issues and will work closely within your guidelines.