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Quality Software Outsourcing in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Software Outsourcing in Cluj-Napoca Romania

Our company was founded in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, a city considered by KPMG as one of the top global IT outsourcing destinations. Indeed, over the past 20 years Cluj-Napoca has started to look more and more like an East-European Silicon Valley with its 245+ IT&C companies. This spectacular boom has also become known as the Cluj IT Rush, which is easily explainable when you look at the resources available in this area.

Cluj-Napoca has the largest student pool in Romania with its over 62,000 annual students. 1,400 of them study Computer Science and Mathematics at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and Babes-Bolyai University. Some other 12,000 graduate every year from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. More than 90% of students are proficient English speakers and a large number of Romanians also speak Latin languages, which is an important prerequisite for support functions servicing European countries like Italy, Spain and France. The city, therefore, benefits from a large pool of qualified personnel.

video: Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

If we also take into account the advantages in terms of infrastructure – 100,000 square meters of office space and a network of 64,000 km of optical fiber – we can easily understand why Imprezzio, Inc. has chosen this technopolis as its main development office and headquarters for Outsourcing and Custom Software services.

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