About us

Our Mission

Imprezzio Global is a software solution provider striving to meet and exceed the highest expectations of our clients at competitive prices. Deriving our name from the Italian word “enterprise”, Imprezzio is a company dedicated to creating innovative solutions that help our clients’ businesses to grow and thrive.

Efficient, Productive And Intuitive Software Solutions

Imprezzio Global, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (the cyber-city of Eastern Europe) and Oradea, is the European subsidiary of U.S.-based Imprezzio Inc. We provide efficient, productive and intuitive software solutions for businesses of all sizes at competitive prices.

We are shameless technophiles who love to work with bleeding edge technology, to have fun and to improve our overall competencies. We are also  highly dedicated, skillful professionals, committed to our customers and our mission, having a proven track record of understanding the needs of businesses and achieving remarkable results. We start every project with the conviction that there is real value in the outcome of our endeavors.

OUR HISTORY: Proven Experience Meets Dynamic, Creative Drive

Imprezzio Inc. has been creating business software solutions for over fifteen years. Having established a stronghold in the U.S. software solutions market, in 2008 Imprezzio Inc. set forth to conquer the European market. The enthusiasm of the young, dynamic and creative Romanian team facilitated the company’s fast expansion in Europe. Imprezzio Global quickly understood the needs and requirements of businesses and responded with innovative, custom solutions. Imprezzio Inc.’s proven experience and Imprezzio Global’s creative drive and responsiveness helped our company launch several unique software products.

Imprezzio Global currently works with industry leaders in the United States, Canada and Europe, and we look forward to becoming business partners with you.


We make the most out of our creativity and innovation in order to offer our clients cutting-edge custom solutions. Taking into account the latest global economic developments and the challenges every company is faced with, we have come up with an adapted approach that tries to ensure the loyalty of our clients while attracting new ones due to our wide range of great services and competitive rates.

The success of our clients businesses ensured by our software is our own success.


As a company and as individuals, we value honesty, integrity, continual self-improvement and mutual respect. Always striving for excellence, we hold ourselves accountable to our customers as we provide them with valuable results.


We care about our customers’ specific needs and requirements. That is why we make the most of our creativity and innovation to offer you cutting-edge custom software solutions. The success of your business, achieved through our software, means Imprezzio’s own success.

Core Values

Creativity and Innovation

Imprezzio always tries to keep ahead of the market and to anticipate your needs. Therefore, we not only master the latest technologies to create innovative custom solutions, but we can also integrate them with your legacy systems. Our creativity soars in the implementation and optimization of technological frameworks and in improving product usability. Our creative solutions are the product of our anticipation of your needs combined with our constant drive to meet and surpass them. Innovation defines us.


Creativity and innovation go hand in hand with self-improvement. There is no new major technology or platform that we haven’t tried or learned from. We encourage the professional development of our team, particularly with regards to technology certifications.

Excellent Customer Service

Your satisfaction lies at the heart of our business. We take a personal interest in your success and we strive to meet your requirements, anticipate and exceed your expectations. Whether we provide service in the areas of software development, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing management, or quality assurance, we always give our best and aim for excellence. And our clients’ testimonials are there to prove it.


In our annual self-assessments we ask our team: “How do you feel about integrity? Is this an important value to you?” We are happy to say that every one of our team members, without exception, always gives a positive answer. Our shared principles unite us and define our strength. When you hire Imprezzio, you can rely on the personal integrity of our team members and the honesty and transparency of our company. We view your business as a relationship rather than a transaction. Our staff rigorously complies with industry best practices while the company as a whole is committed to respecting your business needs. Imprezzio’s answer to the integrity question is: Yes, definitely. We take our work seriously, and hold ourselves accountable to our customers.

Our Team – Our Best Asset

Our employees are the key to success for our business. With this in mind, we value, challenge, and reward them. At Imprezzio, we create a fun workplace; ideas keep popping and the team enjoys and respects each other. We have known from Imprezzio’s early days in a Spokane garage that people would be our greatest strength. As we expanded to Europe, we applied the same principles in enlarging our team. We love to share ideas and work together.Our team shares an ambition to always meet your needs. Our mission includes steadily growing our company while maintaining a leading position in the custom software solution business.