Discover the Idea Challenge 2016 winner

During the weekend of 22nd – 23rd of October, 23 teams were selected for the pitching event in front of the investors of Imprezzio and Banca Transilvania. Following the presentations, the jury decided to advance 8 teams for extended business discussions and after which deciding this edition’s winner.

We invite you to discover more details about, the winner of Idea Challenge 2016 from a short interview with the founders.

Tell us a few words about your idea.

Our idea and product is called and it’s the online interviewing platform. provides companies with an online integrated interviewing platform with 4 main features:

  1. Human Resources interviews with live audio-video, private notes and text-messages
  2. Technical interviews with live code collaboration, audio-video and code execution
  3. Email tests that helps recruiters in selecting the right candidates for the interviews
  4. Applicant tracking system that helps companies track the hiring process for each individual and communicate with them efficiently.


What makes different? is different from any other interviewing platform because it empowers recruiters to manage, test, interview and communicate with candidates within a single online integrated interviewing platform. There is no need to use any other software to manage the hiring process. And this is only the beginning.


Who are the people behind

We are a team of 2 friends working on, both coming from the IT industry and we are both passionate about technology. My name is Razvan AVRAM, I am a software developer, graduated Computer Science about 3 years ago at Technical University of Timisora and I have 4+ years of experience. My friend Alexandru ACIU is also a developer and he also graduated Computer Science  3 years ago and has 4+ years of experience. We were colleagues at the university,  the same faculty, profile and year.


Why have you decided to apply?

Everything on the website looked promising and I decided to look even more about what you do.  I saw Spherik Accelerator’s videos on Youtube, Imprezzio’s facebook posts and press releases about last year’s edition. It made the decision very easy and i just applied.


How do you feel now that you are the winners and what are your expectations?

Well, honestly, we didn’t come to Cluj with the purpose of winning. It was our first experience. We came there mostly to connect with different people, get feedback and learn. 

The result was amazing. We feel very good and overwhelmed. The amount of attention we got after winning is pretty huge.  We got new companies using our product, a lot of feedback, new ideas of features and we got to talk to investorsOur expectations are to partner up with Imprezzio and Spherik Accelerator to help us validate the business in Romania and then scale it up globally.


Would you recommend Idea Challenge and why?

Definitely.  :)

Because it’s not only a place where you come, pitch and leave. You also get trained, get to know different people, get feedback, ideas and many more.  Also, Imprezzio and Spherik Accelerator’s teams are really great and very helpful.


We wish them good luck in their new adventure and we are looking forward to next year’s edition!