Discovering Traditions with Imprezzio Global

It’s been more than 2 weeks since our refreshing weekend in Maramures and we already miss it.

The good mood started from the bus ride where our colleagues enjoyed some of the “beverages” required by a warm summer day. Just kidding! It rained. However, that didn’t stop us from having a good time and enjoy the rainbow.

imprezzio global clujteam building imprezzio globalteam buildingteam building cluj

After we have reached the Gradina Morii hotel, we had a good time by playing board games and getting to know some of our new colleagues.

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The adventure started in the next morning, when we went to Pensiunea Doina to take part in the traditional activities from the Maramures area.

We forgot about the daily traffic, and our cars, by enjoying a 2-horse power, eco-friendly, carriage ride. Then, we improved our knowledge about medicinal plants, and we even saw a 1st model “washing machine”.

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Meanwhile, some of our colleagues were working together to braid a traditional pouch and spindles, while others were “tasting” the Maramures local products.

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The highlight of the day was a traditional fashion show. We were able to wear 100 years’ old costumes specific to region.

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In the evening, we have enjoyed a well-deserved party: we laughed, danced and told jokes. Basically, the whole recipe for a great time and team bonding.

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Sunday morning we went visiting one of the two potters left in our country, Dan Les, the owner of Casa Olarului. After learning how to do pottery, he took us on a hiking trip to the Blue Lake, where some of our bravest colleagues even took a dive, Tarzan style, into the lake.

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With this activity, we ended our amazing weekend in Maramures, and headed to Cluj, where another week, full of daily challenges awaited us.