Idea Challenge By Imprezzio first edition

This year Imprezzio` s software contest has changed into the Idea Challenge By Imprezzio, a new concept that had the purpose to attract new ideas and startups in which Imprezzio could invest 25.000 $ or more, if the ideas / startups have the potential to become a product or a business.

Anyone who had an idea or a start-up, no matter at what stage of development, was invited to join the Idea Challenge competition. The participants were able to enroll their teams starting with August 15th and they had to take 3 steps before pitching their ideas in front of the jury.  The number of teams that initially enrolled was 41 and 35 succeeded to pitch their ideas/ startups in front of our jury.

The pitching sessions were held on October 3rd and each team had 15 minutes to impress the jury. With a Swiss precision, our jury managed to see all 35 teams in one day and they invited 8 teams for further discussions on the second day.

The teams that attained to get our jury`s attention are:

  • App4autism – A novel approach for improving the lives of those affected by autism by bringing continuity and control to users via technology based on scientific research.
  • Smart read – Creative educational application that makes reading and quizzing an integrative part of any curriculum.
  • Econ – An idea that wants to create cleaner/ greener cities via an innovative HW/SW solution that optimizes waste collection.
  • Uxrecord – The solution provides a framework and data+ visualization of mobile app usage that allows developers to better optimize the user experience.
  • Samenow – connect to business contacts who are nearby through an innovative social app.
  • Websnatchers – A solution for the otherwise chaotic mess that is heterogeneous ERP environments by streamlining and simplifying component apps like time tracking, project management.
  • Heatup – Finally someone is solving one of the most frustrating things in life –temperature control.
  • Consix – This group has a solution for ERP that focuses on productivity gains through the use of predictive algorithms that will reduce data entry time and mistakes.

The teams that had the best ideas according to the jury after the pitching sessions were App4 Autism, Smart Read and Econ.  Extended discussions are still ongoing with all 8 teams and we are impatient to see the results in the following period.

After this year`s success of Idea Challenge we are already thinking of having a second edition of Idea Challenge  as the teams and the ideas that enrolled to this first edition made us confident that there are still great ideas out there that need to be brought to the light.

Here are some feedback from our participants:

“I want to start by congratulating you guys regarding the whole event. I think it was a productive and the idea was a great one. From my point of view the event was great, and I didn’t found flaws in it. Being the 1st that you held I see it is a good benchmark for the next ones. Definitely I would come to the next one and be much more prepared. I would look up how the pitches are held and try to make the idea worthwhile. So again, congratulations to you and to Imprezzio in having this here in Cluj. You guys did an excellent job!”   – MITsu

“For me it was a great experience, a chance to share and learn experiences.” – Homegrown

“Participating in Idea Challenge was a wonderful experience for us. We had the chance to present our concept in front of a competent jury which gave us valuable feedback. We are sure that we will refer to this moment as an important turning point in our evolution path.” – Econ

“The concept was great and I really enjoyed the competition, it was really awesome. And actually being the youngest team in the contest was a great experience. We really liked the jury and we loved talking with them, they gave us useful information and we look forward to hearing from them again.” – Smart Read

The Idea Challenge by Imprezzio participants.
The Idea Challenge by Imprezzio participants.
Winners of the Idea Challenge By Imprezzio first edition.
Winners of the Idea Challenge By Imprezzio first edition.