Imprezzio Global – Cluj is Cycling Collaboration 2011

The bicycle racing season for the Cluj is Cycling competition has just concluded. Time to draw the line. The whole season included 15 stages, completed by the last special by-night edition: “Imprezzio Global”, on November 3rd. As its name suggests, the main partner of the stage and one of the main partners of the season was our company, Imprezzio Global. The last stage was special for two main reasons: 1. the competition categories for the grown-ups took place by night, 2. this was the stage that crowned the winners of the whole Cluj is Cycling season 2012. The cycling race was organized in the Colina park, ideal for the cross country competitions. Starting with 12:00 the kids competitions took off, while for the grown-up categories the 1st start took place around 18:00, after sunset. The routes were conceived so as to be covered entirely by bike by each competitor, regardless of the category they raced in. The young orchestra of the music high school and the “Madness” cheerleaders made of the award ceremony a spectacular event. We, the inhabitants of Cluj, can be proud of the only multi-stage bicycle racing competition in Romania and even in the Eastern Europe. This bicycle racing competition targets all the non-professional cyclists, regardless of their trade, age, sex. For the eager cyclists, the calendar of the 2013 competition is already displayed on the site of the event