– The Official Website of the Faget Marathon of 2013 – Powered by Imprezzio Global

Some time ago, someone accessed our Facebook page and said they thought we were a bicycle company and not a software company due to the large number of riding posts and pictures.

Well, the truth of it is that bicycle riding is a widespread hobby in Imprezzio Global and we encourage it. We encourage it so much that our team members have a designated bike room at their disposal so that they can ride to and from work. To top it off, as you may already know, some time ago we became partners of Clujul Pedaleaza, a local sports club that organizes cycling competitions in the Cluj area.

Clujul Pedaleaza has started its 2013 riding season and, as partners, we have offered to create a dedicated website for one of the two marathons they organize each year: The Faget Marathon of 2013.
The idea behind this website was to get creative and our goal was to give them a site that’s a good notch above other websites of its kind.
So, without further ado, may we present the official website of the 2013 Faget Marathon? Screen Capture

Click on the image to go to the site and, of course, you are welcome to sign up for the marathon.


We wish you all a beautiful spring and encourage you to make good use of the warm weather ahead,

The Imprezzio Global Team