Our New Offices on Buftea Street

Moving can be hard. It’s not a pleasant feeling when you have to leave things behind, especially after years of good memories. We lived &amp; worked for 4 years on Axente Sever street, in a cute villa with an even cuter yard out back. It has housed great ideas, fierce Ping-Pong competitions and countless team barbeques. Our inner children were happy there, but our professional side was starting to feel cramped and needed room to grow. As of March 2014, our home during business hours has relocated to some cool office space on the 3<sup>rd</sup> floor of Moara Business Center (1 Buftea Street).

Our friends over at Art Decor House have put together a neat and efficient spatial concept for our new offices – which we quite enjoy – and have tried to tailor to the varied individuals in our company. Come have a look at how we did!


Work space being set up for our first week in the new office; let’s call this the before picture:

New office being set up - Imprezzio Global office


Came together nicely, wouldn’t you say? This is after:

Dev office is ready to go - Imprezzio Global office


Nope, it’s not crooked; we’re just messing with you :)

Our Library - Imprezzio Global office


Let’s go see the main meeting room; our booking app says it’s okay to go in:

Meeting rooms - Imprezzio Global office


Main meeting room - Imprezzio Global office


Refreshments? A little chat in between meetings? Pick a color, have a seat:

Kitchen food & drink area - Imprezzio Global office


Daydream of a walk in New York in the evening if that’s your thing:

Kitchen area - Imprezzio Global offices


Oh, our fridge came with us. See, he’s kind of a world map of important touristic destinations; if you’ve been there, you bring back a magnet for our fridge or it didn’t happen:

Company fridge - Imprezzio Global office


And now, if you’ll follow us down the hallway, there are a few office walls that have been claimed and we can play a little game called

Guess the department:

Web Design Dept. - Imprezzio Global office System Engineering Dept. - Imprezzio Global office


Hope you enjoyed the tour. Here are some Imprezzio-blue roses for stopping by :)

Imprezzio-blue rose basket - Imprezzio Global office