Racing Together for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2014

Imprezzio Global is proud to announce that Vlad Sabău, the MTB XC Athlete and the “Pink Hero”, whom we are fully supporting, ran two UCI MTB World Cup races this season. He started off in Nove Mesto (CZE), and continued his World Cup journey in Albstadt (GER).

By sponsoring his cycling performance, we also pay tribute to Vlad’s humanitarian campaign for helping women who are facing breast cancer challenges. We remind you that Vlad became involved in this fight after going through the excruciating loss of his own mother. Ever since, the pink ribbon became his symbolic oriflamme, as he started to customize his racing bike at the beginning of each season, with pink parts, signed by famous Cannondale Factory Racing champions, and to sell it in a charity auction at the end of the year. This year, he managed to raise and donate 3.150 euros to a specific humanitarian case, thanks to the contribution of an open-hearted donor from Belgium, showing once more that the global concern for fighting cancer has no frontiers.

We are excited that Vlad proudly wears in his praiseworthy endeavor, the custom-made biking competition t-shirt, designed by Imprezzio Global. This is similar to our in-house cycling team t-shirts that we wear during the various competitions we take part in. As you all know, Imprezzio Global not only loves cycling, but also actively supports and promotes sports for amateurs and professionals, by getting involved in “Cluj is Cycling” (Clujul Pedaleaza), as an official cycling event IT Partner.

Vlad’s T-shirt, sponsored by Imprezzio Global  v

Vlad Sabau's T-shirt, sponsored by Imprezzio Global

The official T-shirt of the Imprezzio Global cycling team >

Imprezzio Global cycling team official T-shirt

After his first world cup experience recorded last year (ranked 104 Elite), Vlad returned to Nove Mesto in the Czech Republic this season, where he managed to complete the same number of laps as last year, but at a faster pace. After a high-pressure race, with a rush start, bike jam episodes, slippery rocks and hard climbs, he was the 104th to cross the finish line, outperforming 18 world-class riders from the total of 122 competitors who crossed the starting line.

Vlad shared with us, on his official website, a few words about this racing experience: “It was a completely different thing from the training because I felt faster on descents and more confident. Also, riding 1×10 was pretty hard on the climbs, but having such a great crowd of spectators motivated me a lot and made me push as hard as possible”.
Vlad Sabau at the Albstadt-GER Race
Vlad Sabau at the Nove Mesto-CZE race
Even this time, the “Pink Man”, as the crowd of “the most fanatic cycling fans”, as he referred to the public in Nove Mesto, cheered him, proved once more that he enjoys racing more for the people and for the pink cause that he strongly believes in, rather than just beating world cup records and adding up prizes and titles to his track record.

We are happy that Imprezzio Global stands by Vlad in his pink battle for life, the hardest record to break of all times!

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