IT Outsourcing Services

Choose the Right Software Outsourcing Partner!

In today’s competitive markets, offshore outsourcing has become a critical business requirement. Having the right outsourcing partner can help you achieve your business objectives and gain a competitive edge.

Imprezzio Global has a proactive culture, good communication skills and a positive, problem solving attitude, backed by skillful professionals (Cluj-Napoca is proven to have a real pool of young resourceful IT professionals).

We are a partner you can rely on to provide friendly, cost-effective outsourcing solutions. You have the freedom to decide your exact level of involvement. We can offer you either dedicated teams, or time and materials, thus enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities. Instead of having to hire employees and add them to your monthly payroll, you can simply set your terms up front with us and we will offer you the resources and expertise you need.

Our successful outsourcing is guaranteed by:

  • detailed project specifications
  • thorough understanding of the client’s business
  • project manager on the client side (available full-time for large projects)
  • first choice delivery team
  • constant communication
  • testing

Imprezzio Global offers:

  • access to highly skilled and motivated professionals
  • operational efficiency
  • thorough knowledge of the online market
  • competitive cost and value