Knowledge, Experience And Competence

Over time, while striving to develop quality software, our team has seen many technologies and platforms emerge and develop. We have tried to learn from and synthesize the best of every technology and platform we have worked with, constantly enriching our knowledge and skills. We love to experiment with the latest technological innovations and have learned to assess when technologies are mature enough for us to recommend them to our customers.

We can speed up your success by serving as technology advisers for your  business demands. Imprezzio has extensive knowledge working with legacy systems. Our solutions can be designed to work with various software platforms, databases, and environments. Currently, our core competences reside in Microsoft.NET and Adobe-based solutions, but we have also extended our knowledge to other technologies.

We possess multiple Microsoft Silver Software Development Competencies, which reflect our ability to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft Silver Competency, partners must successfully demonstrate expertise through rigorous exams, acknowledged through Microsoft certifications. In order to ensure the highest quality of services, Microsoft requires customer references for successful implementation and customer satisfaction. The Microsoft Silver Software Development Competency showcases our expertise in today’s technological market and proves our thorough knowledge of Microsoft products. Our plan is to accelerate our customers’ success by serving as technology advisers for their business demands.

“By achieving a silver competency, organizations have proven their expertise in specific technology areas, placing them among the top 5 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide,” said Jon Roskill, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft. “When customers look for an IT partner to meet their business challenges, choosing a company that has attained Microsoft competencies is a smart move. These are highly qualified professionals with access to Microsoft technical support and product teams.”

We specialize in:

  • Cloud based Solutions
    • SOA – Service Oriented Architecture
    • SaaS – Software as a Service
    • PaaS – Platform as a Service
  • Mobile applications
  • eCommerce, website design & technical writing
  • Transaction-based software
  • Embedded hardware solutions
  • Legacy systems Integration

Expertise domains:

  • Inventory control & supply chain integration
  • Billing & accounting
  • Contact management
  • Call center & telephonic communications
  • Marketing management


  • Mobile applications (Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, JQuery Mobile)
  • Microsoft .NET (Web & stand alone)
  • jQuery, AJAX
  • Adobe Flex
  • C, C++, Java
  • Low-level assembly
  • Html, CSS


  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • DB2 UDB
  • Netezza


  • HTML5
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Microsoft Silverlight

Hardware Applications:

  • Embedded software
  • Microcontrollers
  • PLC & HMI

Quality Assurance:

  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing (NUnit, FlexUnit, RIA Test, JUnit)